Kieros Chronicle

“…Would You Like Me To Tell You

How This Is Going To End…?”

What Is Kieros Chronicle? ~

My second published book was The Foxfire Chronicles: Shadows of Past Memories in 2013. A tale of best friends facing fantastical enemies while uncovering hidden pasts, it’s one of my favorite books I’ve written, as well as the first book I wrote after deciding to become an author.

Though the book received good reviews once published, due to a variety of circumstances the project was abandoned, and the story was taken off the self, though it never left my thoughts for long. Over the years I wrote new draft after new draft, hoping to revamp the series — even posting a prequel on Wattpad — but in early 2018 I closed up my self-publishing business, and still the story sat…

Until now.

Part of my reason for creating this site was to challenge myself to finish the series, and share my story with readers. “The Foxfire Chronicles” has been renamed “Kieros Chronicle”, and has been completely reimagined with new twists, turns, and artwork in store. Heavily inspired by my love of Japanese culture and mythology, Kieros Chronicle is a fun adventure through new worlds.

I’ll be posting the story here on my blog, with links to each chapter (and supplemental material) added to this page for new readers to get caught up.

I’d be grateful if you would take this journey along with me, and discover the world of Kieros Chronicle for yourself!

Chapters and Side Notes ~

An Introduction To Kieros Chronicle